Clean Earth - Water-Activated Dry Clay Face & Body Exfoliator

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Clean Earth - Water-Activated Dry Clay Face & Body Exfoliator
(exfoliant à l'argile)

A natural, mineral-rich Bentonite Clay-based cleanser and exfoliator which is instantly activated by water. Formulated with Norwegian Seaweed and Bamboo Powder to help draw out impurities and remove dead skin cells while delivering Vitamin B12 and essential amino acids to skin tissue. It is further infused with high-grade Epsom Salt and a drizzle of Orange Oil for their skin-softening properties.

How to use: Pour out a teaspoon of the powder onto the palm of your hand or a small mixing bowl and add half a teaspoon of water to activate the ingredients. There may be a slight cool, fizzing sensation as the ingredients become activated. Gently transfer onto your skin in circular motions to deeply cleanse & exfoliate. Rinse off with plenty of water.

Note: This product contains essential oils which may not be suitable for use if you’re pregnant or nursing. Patch test on a small area first. Avoid the eye area.

  • Detoxifies skin
  • Firms tissue
  • Removes dead skin cells

INGREDIENTS / INGRÉDIENTS : bentonite (white bentonite clay)**, sodium bicarbonate**, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt)**, bambusaarundinacea (bamboo) stem powder*, ascophyllumnodosum (seaweed) powder*, citrus aurantiumdulcis (orange) peel oil*, phenoxyethanol, citral***, limonene***, linalool***.

Poids Net Wt. 30 mL/ 1.01 fl. oz.

Made In Europe

100% Cruelty-Free (We do NOT test our products or ingredients on animals)


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